Welcome automotive instructors!

Whether you teach high school, tech school, college, or in the field, the information I have available for you
can help you teach your students about: Voltage Drop, Shared Current Paths, Meter Use, Probe Placement,
How To Do Voltage Drop Testing and How To Test on today’s vehicles.

Being retired has allowed me to spend a lot of time developing this material. What I have created can really
help you in the classroom!

This is what I have available for the classroom instructor:

New Book:
The “Hands On” Vehicle Testing Reference
2nd Edition Published 2013 / Author: Joe Glassford
580 pages, 800+ illustrations,

A guide for the professional vehicle technician as well as the interested DIY.  Over 800 photos and illustrations show “How To” test: batteries, computer/modules and sensors, continuity, current paths, connections, switch contacts, fuses, fusible links, circuit breakers, generators (alternators), relays, starters, shared current paths (the vehicle base system), engine compression, cylinder leak, fuel, fuel pumps, fuel injectors, as well as miscellaneous tests from “How To” use a mechanic’s stethoscope to six different ways to check for a blown head gasket. Detailed information about the DVOM – digital-volt-ohmmeter and where and “How To” place the meter probes to do effective troubleshooting is included as well as amp draw testing with a DVOM and “How To” correctly read and use the inductive pick-up.
This book was designed as an illustrated “hands on ready reference”. Its purpose is to save you time by giving you illustrated clear examples of the tests, while informing and helping you understand each test as you do them; and above all, to help you improve your electrical, electronic, as well as some mechanical troubleshooting skills. Each test can be quickly located and used at the vehicle with the “Quick Index” that begins on page 4.

The book clearly explains voltage drop and how to find its root cause. Whether you work on gasoline or diesel autos or trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, or all terrain engines, you will find this book helpful in honing and improving your students troubleshooting skills.

Now, into its 3rd printing. $98.00 Free Shipping anywhere in the world. >> Buy Now

Also see Publications page for description of other books and CDs.

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