Glowing praise for Joe Glassford’s books

I’m 68 years old and have been doing mechanical work for the last 50 years. I have done a lot of electrical work in those years and spent most of the time stumbling through it. I cannot thank you enough for putting this book out. –Paul

Amazing book. I find it superb. –Kledis

Your book was such a great help to me. I am now not afraid to tackle diagnosing electrical problems. You’ve taught me more than my teachers at school. –Juan

Your products are first-class. –Edward

I recently purchased your Voltage Drop Testing book and it is amazing. –RW

Everything you sent is excellent material on voltage-drop testing. The miscellaneous tidbits of information in your latest book is remarkable! The information will be put to good use in training these young future techs. A wealth of knowledge!

In speaking with a GM tech this past weekend and showing off your books to him, while discussing voltage-drop testing, he asked why he was not taught this information. I just responded that he needs to step up and purchase your books, and he agreed. –Paul J.

It is product information like yours that techs will have to learn in order to survive.

A smart electrical tech-line consultant recently told me that electrical problems which previously could not be repaired were fixed by going back to voltage-drop basics. That’s when I ordered your book. –Jerry, Canadian VW tech

I just received my order and was flipping through the pages. Great stuff. Can’t wait to pore through it. –Chad

Joe, your book finally arrived and it is well worth the wait! Just started reading and finding the book most informative. Thank you. –David.

I’ve purchased all of Joe Glassford’s books, and they have a wealth of info in them. I have learned so much that I can apply right away. I always use them as a reference and keep them close. Money well spent. –Steve Bredemann

I purchased one of Joe’s books. Very informative and written in plain English. –Brad Haise

I would have never thought of using voltage drop across a fuse to approximate the amperage in a circuit. With your chart, it is a very quick test. Congratulations for thinking out of the box (and making me think). –Joseph Albert, Educator/Instructor, Daimler Trucks North America, Portland, Oregon

Your book gives detailed descriptions and options for testing. It is the best I’ve run across in my many years of looking for materials. It’s so handy, I can’t believe it. It will be with me forever. I will plug this book whenever possible.  –Mark Cole

Many thanks to you because your knowledge has transformed me as a technician. I sincerely appreciate you for imparting such great skills in a simplified manner. Looking forward to learning more from you. –James

My name is Ernest and want to thank you for the information on fretting. Your book showed me how to find problems. Thanks. –Ernest S.

I recently purchased your Voltage Drop Testing book and it is amazing. –R.W., North Carolina

I’d like to thank Joe, too. I purchased his information and after following it, I figured out the problem. –Comment from sbftech.com

There is a lot of good info at:


There is a good reference chart for people that do lots of parasitic draw tests. I used the chart about 10 times and now I can find a draw without the chart and rarely disconnecting anything at all. –Comment from an unidentified technician

Thanks for the CD’s. They are great! You have done a terrific job.  –Rod, UK Tech

More praise for Joe Glassford as an instructor

I would like to personally recommend that Joe Glassford continue to instruct classes for General Motors. The manner is which he teaches is: “Obtainable knowledge for every type of student.” He has vast knowledge of vehicle electrical and mechanical, instructing on electronic properties and their interaction with mechanical functions.

I have had numerous instructors throughout my education and I believe that Joe Glassford is one of the best instructors. Continuing education is one of the keys to a better quality product. Learning is the purpose of inhouse training. Joe’s importance in helping to bring knowledge, taught in an understandable and retainable format needs to be acknowledged for an outstanding job.

J.S.C., Apprentice Advanced Prototype
Vehicle Builder, General Motors
Pontiac, Michigan

Joe Glassford displayed the highest level of professionalism and performance. The course overall was excellent. Thanks for the knowledge.

GM Training Center
Hinsdale, Illinois

Joe’s teaching methods made the course outstanding, because of the day-to-day related experiences in the shop.

Student at seminar
Central Oregon Community College, Bend, Oregon

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