About the book: Vehicle Voltage Drop Testing by Joe Glassford

Modern cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and heavy equipment rely on complex electrical, electronic, and mechanical systems. All are interconnected and use electrical/electronic controls and sensors that require system voltage to perform as engineered. A voltage drop in any current path that is part of any system can cause a component or any entire system to malfunction.

Today’s technician must know what the individual parts of each system are designed to do. In addition, the tech must understand how the entire complex system is supposed to work as designed. He or she must know how to isolate a problem and identify its source as well as how to make the necessary repairs. All of this must be accomplished quickly and accurately.

This book, “Vehicle Voltage Drop Testing” provides today’s technicians (and students, as well as the DIY interested) with the basic knowledge of the testing tools and procedures needed to test and repair voltage drops in all types of electrical/electronic systems. No matter what kind of vehicle, or what kinds of system, once the basics of voltage drop testing are understood, the tech will be able to analyze, diagnose, and troubleshoot the system. Vehicle Voltage Drop Testing provides the foundation that every technician needs to be a successful troubleshooter.

This book is written by a mechanic and automotive instructor who has helped hundreds of technicians learn and understand how to use this basic, step by step procedure to find, diagnose, and isolate voltage drop problems. It is based on the author’s years of experience, his study of factory techniques, and his development of a basic framework of proven test procedures. By applying the procedures in this book, you will understand voltage drop and its causes and symptoms. You will learn correct testing techniques and procedures ensuring that the work will be done right, the first time.

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